Where Did It All Start?

We believe in God, Family, and Country…

And County.

We are focused on Harnett County because there is no true voice to speak for our area of the world – to hold those accountable – show where conservatism has faltered.

Inform and educate the masses on how to fix these issues heading into the 2022 primary elections.

We hope to point out some thoughts, ideas, and opinions on the upcoming primary election and who will best serve our communities while considering the county and the state.

To start with, let’s point out an event that was a huge catalyst for occurrences here in Harnett County.

The Robin Hayes Conviction

Basically, Robin Hayes, the NCGOP Chairman at the time, facilitated the illegal transfer of large sums of money from an insurance businessman and the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance through the NCGOP. Because the Insurance Commissioner stood by his ethics, he stood up and said something.

By speaking up, both the insurance businessman and the former head of the NCGOP were convicted in Federal Court.

Because of this corruption, it is believed that a thorough forensic audit was performed on several key leaders in the state.

What does this have to do with Harnett County?

It was somehow discovered that a senior member of the North Carolina House, from Harnett County, was found to have messed around with his campaign funds. It was most likely uncovered during the investigations performed during the Robin Hayes incident. We will discuss more on this issue in tomorrow’s posting.

It is important to mention the entry made on page 16 in paragraph 77 of the embedded court documents found on this page:

It has never been revealed as to who is the individual that emailed the screenshot as described in the line:

“a screenshot confirmation of the wire transfer from North Carolina State Political Party A to the COMMISSIONER’s campaign… received via email from a representative of the North Carolina State Political Party A the night before.”

We believe there may be ties to this person and Harnett County.

Here are PDF versions of court documents from the Hayes’ case:

hayes court


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